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Join the Nerdiest Gut Whisperers Online for a Powerful, Plantiful Probiotic Challenge

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Our Challenge: Feeding and cultivating the Microbiome

Make Friends

Meet Other Gut Nuts

Build Community

Within Your Own Gut

Eat Your Veggies

Enjoy Easy, Delicious Food

Rebuild Your Bod

From the Inside, Out


Polyphenols in colourful fruits and veggies feed your short-chain-fatty-acid producing digestive bacteria. They make butyrate, which is essential for digestive healing and function. Some folks take butyrate as a supplement. Let's make our OWN using REAL FOOD!

Find out which fruits and vegetables are richest in polyphenols, find out how to get more polyphenols without sacrificing your blood sugar levels, all without giving up tasty food.

Spectrum of Carbohydrates

Discover what is really going on with carbohydrates, resistant starches, complex carbs, fibre and what they each do for our digestion.  Get the carbs you need without getting too much of what you don't.

Do you struggle with FODMAPs? What is a FODMAP? Avoiding carbs for glucose-related reasons? You can reach your goals without neglecting your digestive bacteria.

Bitters, Astringents and More

Discover the most important herbal actions to help with digestion, including soothing, stablizing, toning, improving digestive immunity and nourishing and knitting together leaky gut tissues.

Dive into the herbal actions that affect digestion and customize your own herbal teas for your personalized digestive health.

Probiotic Bacteria

What do you look for in a probiotic? Which bacteria are the most appropriate for which imbalances, experiences and goals?

Learn which probiotics are best for digestive repair and which are safest for autoimmunity or digestive symptoms like gas, bloating and small intestinal imbalances. Choose specific bacteria for YOUR body and make custom ferments.

Wild Bacteria

The overwhelming majority of your microbiome is made up of bacteria that can't be bought, sold or cultured in labs. These bacteria don't participate double-blind placebo-controlled studies. We have evolved with them for millennia and we need them more than they need us!

We can only get wild diversity from whole fruits and vegetables, in their natural state or fermented.  Let's ferment some veggies together or if you're already making veggie ferments you can inspire the group.  This step of the challenge is about keeping it easy so fermentation fits into our everyday lives.

Bonus Day 5 - Customize

This is simple! But it is also complicated because we are each different. You might be balancing metabolic needs, triggers/allergens, food availability, digestive symptoms and foods with ingredients you avoid.  How do you work through this and grow your digestive diversity?  Foods can be fermented for increased nutrition and digestibility CUSTOMIZED beyond simply following ancient traditions.

How can you customize fermented foods to rebalance YOUR digestion? If there are foods you can't eat how can you feed your microbiome diverse carbohydrates and fibres?  You will learn the steps to customize a probiotic program for yourself.  Let's work through this on a special bonus call, wrapping up everything we have learned and putting it in action.

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April 6-10  You Will Receive Daily:


I will walk you through the challenge every day on a live call. You will have access to videos of all the calls so that you can watch them on your own time and make the recipes when you want. You will know which actions to take to make the most of the Microbiome Mission every day through these videos and video recordings. 


Each day we will focus on one aspect of digestive nourishment using the workbook. You will receive a template to feed your microbiome so that you can choose the right foods for YOU within the essential categories.


Each day of the challenge I will show you how to make simple food that meets the needs of your digestive bacteria. I want to show you how easy it is and you can show me what you have created. It's easy to substitute your own ideas and ingredients because you might be already eating many microbiome feeding foods. Inspire others and win prizes.

Live Calls

Each day I talk to you live, sharing how to incorporate complex carbs, polyphenols, wild and probiotic bacteria and simple herbal remedies for digestion into your life. Each call we go deeper into the handouts, make the recipes and I give you quick, practical strategies. For VIP members the EXTENDED live calls are a chance to ask questions and personalize further.  Until we run the program LIVE again, you can access all recordings and join us the next time we do the calls as a group.

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